Thursday 13 March 2014

The Cadbury Sisters - Milk

Image: Facebook Cadbury Sisters
The sisters (yes - they are a relation of the great chocolatiers) are moving away from the stripped-away harmonies of last year's Barefoot EP into much more pop-friendly territory.
I can't help but mentioning Haim in this same paragraph. Although the overall sound contrasts, there is still the love of strong, melodic tunes from those Nineteen Eighties à la Fleetwood Mac.
Today the words,
music and voices emote so effectively they shine out of playlists and would settle in quite comfortably next to Rhianna on commercial radio or Bellowhead on any Internet folk channel.
The Cadbury Sisters are being tracked by the tipsters at the Beeb and Amazing Radio so expect more and more soon.
According to the press release reported on FreshOnTheNet, they are releasing an EP in June and are appearing live in Bristol in the same month.

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