Monday 17 March 2014

Flashes - To Catch A Ghost

Taken from their eponymous second album, the Cornish band-of-five package and deliver an impact song with "To Catch A Ghost".
It's more of an indie-jangle affair than its album stable-mates but still retains more than enough fringe-dangling mooch. Imagine, Two Door Alex fiddling with a free trial of Ableton with his fuzz pedal stuck on whilst Peter Kember stares at him from outside the window.
It's pretty clear there's enough talent and some varied influences amongst the band which can only be good thing. The track selection offered
varies from jittery metal-tronica to pretty straight 90's grunge but none seem weaker than the last.
There's a feeling that they probably sound better live than on record with a keen ear for a crowd-pleasing build. Despite the floor-filling potential of"...Ghost", at nearly 6 minutes, it does feel a tad too long. Saying that though, everyone loves a good wig-out and the elongated "Tachimachi", with its knocked-out guitar twiddle lying next to the knocked-out vocals dreaming together, starts the outro in an implosion of broken bits of laptop keyboard and guitar strings. Brill.
Enough chit-chat, why not get over to their SC page. Go on.

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