Saturday 5 April 2014

Waste - Blow

Exactly three minutes of exacting balls-out rock, sounding more Rancho De La Luna than Stevenage.

Waste sound like a gang. Phased, grunge guitar from Max and Josh's pile-driver bass coolly hang back as Jak Melvin's tale of lust swaggers off after that girl towards the door.

These guys have studied their genre hard,
probably in the right places and probably have the bruises to prove it. Playing live you would expect Waste to pack a real punch so it's a shame the drums seem a bit quiet on this recording.

Anyhoo, there's some real energy and self-belief behind these four lads so, do you know what chaps, you can have more than a second.

Waste was conceived by Lawrence (drums) and Max, who are old school-friends, and Jak in early 2013 during what could be described as an eventful work trip to Frankfurt.
'Blow' is their first release into the wild and is the first from an upcoming EP. Waste are playing at the Black Heart in Camden on 18 July 2014 and for more live dates, get to their FB page.

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