Monday 10 March 2014

Little Dusty - Swimmer

Exquisite finger-picked patterns from Sam and Dave's guitars dancing around each other reminiscent of Jansch and Renbourn. Meanwhile, Nicola's rather unique voice calls out modern tales of love. There's a curiosity and innocence in the voice and even though there is some Joanna Newsom in the phrasing, there's just as much Lauren Mayberry.
There's a warmth and earthiness throughout their recordings and they evidently have a strong trad-folk backbone. However they're not caught
looking backwards. They see and hear where their music fits today and place it just right. Recent plays by Tom Robinson on BBC6Music will bolster that opinion.
Little Dusty are a folk-pop four-piece from Bristol and are heading back into the studio in April to record their second EP. They tell us that they will also be out and about, playing for you, in their home city throughout 2014. Find out more at the Little Dusty Facebook page.

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