Friday 21 March 2014

Paul Orwell - Like I Did Before

Found this guy via his Twitter post to a 1967 Bolan track which immediately got our attention.
Listening to 'Like I Did Before' for the first time, like your Nan's mantlepiece, everything is absolutely unchanged and in the right place since the Sixties; the whirling Hammond and plucked Hohner all soaked in valve and crunchy reverb. However there's something new.
The lyrics
bring in that push-and-pull, bullish sound of the Tenties young troubadour.
Perhaps it's what Miles Kane would have done but lacked the imagination.
This 2013 track is available as a free download but would also strongly recommend a listen of Orwell's latest instrumental 'Don't Do As I Do...' up on his Soundcloud page right now.

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