Tuesday 29 April 2014

Mixtape: April 2014

Hello you,

As in previous months, it gives us great pleasure to curate a mixtape with the majority of artists and tracks featured on the blog in April 2014...

There's oodles of summer sunshine available from Cheerleader and Maui.
Solo psych from The Boy I Used To Be and some exciting lo-fi songwriting from 10Tigers and Billionaire.
Glass Ankle and Swim Free relate two very different urban tales while You and Bernard + Edith provide some unsettling kookiness for after dark.
Post-rock, math-rock, art-rock and rock-rock from Stillwave, Polymath, Movie and Waste respectively.
Some sultry gypsy-folk from Echo Trails leads onto seasoned wistfulness from Yellow Ostrich.
The dancefloor finally fills up for indie-funksters, Pool and hit-makers, The Derevolutions.
I've stuck a random track on the end. Thank you for your submission, South Korea's Language Of Shapes. Your Scott Walker/Harry Nilsson with mandolin and djembe has been soundtracking some journeys recently.

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Jim x

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  1. Thanks for including Language of Shapes, Jim! Best wishes and happy MayDay!