Thursday 24 April 2014

Glass Ankle - One Of Them

Starting out with a little guitar riff, Ankle maestro Greg Jackson trills out his semi-falsetto spinning a tale of lust in the bakery aisle and pulls off some lovely, easy-sounding pop.

The track builds into a full-on indie-shuffler and suggests Jackson is a card-carrying Nineties muso.
Seriously 'One Of Them' would not sound out of place as an album track on Blur's 'Parklife'. There's Verve and, indeed, verve abound here too.
Finally, congrats must go out for the couplet rhyming 'Hovis' and 'pelvis'.

'One Of Them' is taken from the Fragments EP released in April 2014, the lead track of which is last years' rather marvellous indie-folkishness of 'Poor Boy'.
Fragments EP has been released via Glass Ankle's own label Sleeper Train and can be purchased from one of your favourite digital outlets.

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