Tuesday 27 May 2014

Hero Fisher - No Ceremony

'No Ceremony' pumps, fizzes and builds underneath the direct, smoky lyric, tethered and collared until the closing wig-out finally wigs out.

There's the fuzz and growl of Hole but without the Love affectations. There's Patti Smith punk, Beth Gibbons sultry, and with a poetic soul, Fisher appreciates how folk music and punk music intersect and mirror.

Hero Fisher is a singer-songwriter from London who grew up in France and Australia. She will be leading her band onto some pretty big stages in 2014 and, we're confident, also leading them into the waiting spotlight.

'No Ceremony' follows the more thoughtful and equally well-received track 'Fear Not Victorious'. A wide, wind-swept, tub-thumping epic that Laura Marling might listen to whilst riding horseback across Irish beaches.

Anyway, get over to that there Facebook for all the info.

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