Tuesday 29 April 2014

Cheerleader - Perfect Vision

Picture a released balloon soaring up into a perfect, cloudless sky. What colour do you imagine it to be? If it's red, you've passed. Ten points for you.
Now picture more summery goings-on. Slo-mo water fights, legs hanging out of convertibles, you know the sort of thing. Now click the link below.

Here we are then. Clean-shaven indie-pop with hooks galore. Don Ray-Bans for the brightly-lit chug of the sand-blasted guitars and solar gold synths. Together with lyrics that bring us tales of the kind of new love that only happens in summer and a tempo that makes jiggling contagious.

The 'Perfect Vision' single is available now from your favourite digital outlet with a special edition vinyl to follow in June.
Philadelphia-based Cheerleader are supporting The (Wonderful) Hold Steady on two debut UK dates (London and Manchester) with more UK dates planned. See more here.

Now where are those barbecue tongs..?

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