Monday 19 May 2014

Invisible Hands - Just

First of all, the track first brought about mental images of young men in tweed suits clapping their hands. No idea why and not seen as a bad thing.

Anyway, what does it sound like?
Loud and joyful, pummelling and shaking, close to anthemic, power-indie stomper.
If you ever go surfing in Leeds, this should definitely be playing on your waterproof CD Walkman.
(Note to young readers: Despite the last comment, it is never a good idea to enter water wearing any electronic device. Whether in Leeds or not.)

Invisible Hands are four in strength and are enjoying impending fame with fresh Leeds label, All My Friends Records.

'Just' will be available on digital on 23 June 2014 and the label are also jolly well releasing it on a 7" split single that includes 'Be Water My Friend' by the rather marvellous trip-hopster label mates, FOLD.
Invisible Hands will be using their instruments, all at the same time, around the UK just for you too.
Why not have a peek at their FB page after you've had a listen and find out whereabouts.

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