Monday 5 May 2014

Three Days Dark - The Breaks

Blues-psych delivered with detail in that hot, sticky tempo. 'The Breaks' crawls like the lizard king across hot sand but no poetic pretensions, just straight, Dan Auerbach-like drawl.
There's some of the same peyote-sprinkled rock-and-roll that Alex Turner found in dusty inter-state America. There's Sixties Brit-jangle too...

Three Days Dark is Trent Halliday from Essex, UK.
The eponymous album was recorded in the Summer of 2013 in very little luxury with "3 mics, a shoddy amp and some aging software". This DIY approach vibrates with warmth through the tracks though and impressively doesn't detract at all.

The album is available now through Bandcamp and Halliday plans to get a single out this year.

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